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A new challenge - my life on a sailing boat.

story by: Victoria
travel gear: re volt 140.43
destination: Mediterranean sea, Canary islands
After 10 years
of working as a lawyer, I one day realized I needed a new challenge and I left everything to live in a 10-meter sailing boat.

Throughout 2019, I sailed from Barcelona to the Balearic Islands and cruised the area. One of the best kiteboarding sessions was in Espalmador.

kitelement - story - victoria

In the winter of 2020, I went sailing between Madeira and Canary Islands. Every single day - with a good forecast - was the perfect excuse to kiteboard. La Graciosa Island has an amazing spot. Depending on the tide, you could kite into a lagoon as it can get a bit shallow. However, in the south of Fuerteventura, you can find an amazing and super fun lagoon.


The split kiteboard is great and easily packed. Whatever your style is when kiting, if it's shared with friends it is always more fun.

„The split kiteboard is great and easily packed.“
Explored spots
destination: Mediterranean sea, Canary islands
kitelement - story - victoria