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What is the split kiteboard about

Split kiteboard, often referred to as the split board, is identical with the classical twin tip kiteboard with one difference - it can be divided into two or more parts.

The two halves are most commonly connected by screws, cotter pins or by a third component designated to hold the two halves together.


Split kiteboard is used with a classic binding in the form of pads and straps, the more durable models are then compatible with a fixed wakeboarding binding. For easy handling, split kiteboards are equipped with a handle.


Fins are used as with classic kiteboards in sizes 4-5cm.


split kiteboards
according to discipline

The portfolio of split kiteboards is already quite wide when talking about style and purpose. It covers all disciplines from freestyle to freeride, wave, foil to lightwind split kiteboards.

For freestyle and freeride split kiteboards, the outline board, the bottom profile, the height of the fins, the rocker and especially the flexion play an essential role. This is, to some extent, influenced by the central distribution. New technologies and new possibilities of implemented materials have largely erased this so-called handicap.


Wave split kiteboards are rather hybrids with shorter lengths because of the dimensions when folded and packed for travel.

Split kiteboards have already found their application among the rapidly expanding foiling, where, thanks to the dimensions of the hydrofoil, the demands of transport are also an important factor to consider.

Lightwind split kiteboards are most often produced in sizes from 150 to 160 cm. In longer sizes, the size of half of the board would lack the meaning of a split kiteboard.


The history of the development of split kiteboards dates back to about 2010.

The main reason why manufacturers started coming to the market with the first split kiteboards was the reaction to the ever-increasing fees of airlines for excessive luggage.

The usual travel golf bag which had long been accepted by airlines suddenly became charged by hundreds of euros by most.

ten years ago...


The current trend is therefore clearly defined.

Traveling and discovering new and unavailable kiteboarding spots has become a new phenomenon.

The manufacturers have responded to this current trend. New brands have gradually been entering the world of split kiteboard in order to offer their customers adequate travel options.


The split kiteboard is supposed to become not only a possible substitute to the classic kiteboard designed for occasional use on the road, it also has the ambition to become a full-fledged kiteboard comparable to most kiteboards on the market today thanks to modern technologies.