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"split kiteboard + re take + re press"

The split kiteboard itself is a revolutionary product. When together with our Re take cover and the Re press vacuum bag, however, the concept of travel takes on a whole new dimension.

All the more so if you get a 15% discount on the whole set.

Re solve + Re take + Re press
866.00 € 737.00 € - You save 129.00 € (Non-EU customers)
1 047.00 € 890.00 € - You save 157.00 € (EU customers)

Re volt + Re take + Re press
784.00 € 667.00 € - You save 117.00 € (Non-EU customers)
947.00 € 805.00 € - You save 142.00 € (EU customers)

The shopping process is simple.

The shopping cart must contain any split kiteboard, the Re take cover and the Re press vacuum bag. Then the 15% discount will be applied automatically. If you want to buy any other product from our offer or multiples of one model, the discount also applies.

Shipping? Shipping is for free! Worldwide!

We wish you a great trip!

Important note! Check the availability of products for the entire order. We dispatch as soon as all the products are in stock.

travel kite gear

The trip is all planned, tickets booked…and then the issue of the oversized luggage fee again… well we´ve figured this out for you:
split kiteboard split kiteboard
split kiteboard
half of the board only 72.0 cm (size 136.41)
retake retake
+ cover
luxuriuos cover for luxury split kiteboard
vacuum bag for kites vacuum bag for kites
+ vacuum bag for kites
reduce the volume of your kites up to 5 times
hook T-shirt hook T-shirt
+ hook T-shirt
don’t forget to ride with style