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They have a unique shape with perfect riding qualities. A bold claim based on the solid basis of many years of development. Our kiteboard models are more than just mind blowing on water.

699.00 € (EU customers)
578.00 €  (Non-EU customers)
599.00 € (EU customers)
496.00 €  (Non-EU customers)

split kiteboards

Do you wish you were able to pack your split kiteboard into any bag and go wherever the wind takes you? Now all this is possible thanks to our A-Lock joint system. Our split kiteboard models open a whole new dimension of kiteboarding without any compromises.

799.00 € (EU customers)
661.00 €  (Non-EU customers)
699.00 € (EU customers)
578.00 € (Non-EU customers)


Who said we would stick with kiteboards only? We took the unique shape of our kiteboards, tweaked the perimeter, rocker, flex and added the diamond park base. This resulted in a series of wakeboards under our wakelement brand, setting a new standard in the world of wakeboarding.

599.00 € (EU customers)
496.00 € (Non-EU customers)
499.00 € (EU customers)
413.00 € (Non-EU customers)

travel bags

The main enemy on road is the lack of space. The way we manage it makes space no longer a limit. Our travel & vacuum series offers clever solutions, which are thoughtful down to the smallest details.

149.00 € (EU customers)
124.00 € (Non-EU customers)
199.00 € (EU customers)
165.00 € (Non-EU customers)
89.00 € (EU customers)
74.00 € (Non-EU customers)
59.00 € (EU customers)
49.00 € (Non-EU customers)

hook T-shirts

How to look good and not limit yourself? Our motto „ride with style”, perfectly reflects the nature of this simple but unique product. We have created what most riders had been lacking for a long time.

69.00 € (EU customers)
58.00 € (Non-EU customers)
69.00 € (EU customers)
58.00 € (Non-EU customers)
69.00 € (EU customers)
58.00 € (Non-EU customers)
69.00 € (EU customers)
58.00 € (Non-EU customers)
69.00 € (EU customers)
58.00 € (Non-EU customers)

closed cell foil kite

Universality does not imply compromise. Our ultra-light closed cell foil kite with a closed leading edge for kiting as well as snow kiting will become your best buddy on every trip, especially with low wind conditions.

1 499.00 € (EU customers)
1 239.00 € (Non-EU customers)